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820 Hrs



About Healthcare

Welcome to the Healthcare Sector in Skill Development at Venture Skill India. Our tailored programs cater to the diverse needs of aspiring healthcare professionals. From patient care to medical administration, our courses blend theory with hands-on experience, ensuring you're well-prepared for the dynamic healthcare industry. Join us to acquire the skills that matter and make a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals and communities. Explore our Healthcare Sector programs today for a rewarding career ahead.

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820 Hrs of offline Training
100% Placement Assistance & 1:1 Mentoring
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100+ lab assignments
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Healthcare- Course Curriculum

    Brief Job Description:

    Individuals in this job provide patient care and assist in preparing patient’s unit. Some of the key responsibilities of a General Duty Assistant are to provide personal care, comfort and assistance in fulfilling the nutritional and elimination needs of the patient while ensuring their safety.



    Personal Attributes:

    The job requires the candidate to be empathetic, mature, compassionate, patient centric. The candidate must be polite and should show respect to the patients belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds. The individual should have good communication and interpersonal skills.




    • Assist patient in bathing, dressing up and grooming
    • Support individuals to eat and drink
    • Assist the patient in maintaining normal elimination
    • Transferring patients and their samples, drugs, documents within the hospital
    • Provide support in routine activities of in-patient department
    • Carry out last office (death care)
    • Maintain a safe, healthy and secure working environment
    • Follow infection control policies & procedures including biomedical waste disposal protocols




    • This OS unit is about assisting the patient in bathing, dressing up and grooming to cleanse the patient’s body, stimulate blood circulation and improve self-image.
    • This OS unit is about assisting the patient in maintaining overall nutrition for physical and mental wellbeing, increasing energy levels, enhancing immunity and hastening the healing process.
    • This OS unit is about assisting the patient in urination and defecation and maintaining hygiene during the process.
    • This unit is about transferring a patient using proper body mechanics and mobility equipment. This unit also entails transferring patient samples, drugs, patient documentation (patient files, discharge summary etc.) within the hospital.
    • This OS unit is about assisting the nurse in making observations and reporting changes in patient’s condition; taking appropriate measurements and cleaning basic clinical equipment, changing/ transferring/ managing laundry/ linen on the floor.
    • This OS unit is about providing basic care and transferring a patient’s body post death.
    • This OS unit is about monitoring the working environment and ensuring safe, healthy, secure and effective working conditions.
    • This OS unit is about the safe handling and management of health care waste and following the infection control polices.



    The scope covers the following :

    • Maintain patient’s privacy
    • Assist the patient in bathing
    • Assist the patient in dressing up
    • Assist the patient in grooming
    • Provide adequate support to the patient during drinking and eating
    • Support the patient during elimination needs
    • Transfer the patient
    • Transfer patient’s paraphernalia such as samples, drugs and documents within hospital
    • respond to call promptly
    • observe and report changes in patient’s overall condition
    • support the healthcare team in measurement of patient’s parameters
    • decontaminate commonly used basic patient care equipment
    • manage changing and transporting laundry/ linen on the floor
    • Providing death care while preserving privacy anddignity of the deceased
    • Comply the health, safety and security requirements and procedures for workplace
    • Handle any hazardous situation with safely, competently and within the limits of authority
    • Report any hazardous situation and breach in procedures to ensure a safe, healthy, secure working environment
    • Classification of the waste generated, segregation of biomedical waste, proper collection and storage of waste
    • Comply with effective infection control protocols that ensures the safety of the patient (or end?user of health?related products/ services)
    • Maintain personal protection and preventing the transmission of infection from person to person
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