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576 Hrs



About Eletronic

Dive into the world of electronics with Venture Skill India's Electronic Sector. Our programs cover drone services, field technician roles, and solar panel installation, catering to dynamic industry demands. Expert-led courses blend theory with hands-on experience, preparing you for diverse electronic roles. Join us to harness your potential and excel in this rapidly evolving sector. Explore now and spark your career in electronics with Venture Skill India.

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576 Hrs of offline Training
100% Placement Assistance & 1:1 Mentoring
LIVE mentoring & Doubt clarification sessions
100+ lab assignments
Discussion Forums Career Counselling
LMS Access & Complete Course Material

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Eletronic- Course Curriculum

    Brief Job Description

    A Drone Service Technician conducts routine maintenance, troubleshoots and repairs malfunctioning or defective Drone while ensuring adherence to standard working practices. The individuals in this job maintain and repair drones of varying sizes that are used in various applications such as taking aerial photos or videos, transporting goods, firefighting and emergency operations, power line inspections, clandestine inspections, etc.


    Personal Attributes

    The individual must have attention to detail, logical thinking, and ability to execute the repair and maintenance activity as per client’s requirement. The individual should be good at following instructions and work collaboratively with diverse teams. S/he must stay abreast with technology changes, and demonstrate strong technical expertise. Also, s/he must exhibit good customer service attribute - courtesy, problem-solving, reliability, good decision-making skills, etc.



    • Work effectively at the workplace
    • Apply health and safety practices at the workplace
    • Repair and maintain a Drone


    • This unit is about the communicating and managing work effectively at the workplace as well as taking measures to enhance own competence and working in a disciplined and ethical manner
    • This OS unit is about knowledge and practices relating to health, safety and security that candidates need to use in the workplace
    • This OS unit deals with how to repair a Drone




    The scope covers the following:

    • Communicate effectively at the workplace
    • Work effectively
    • Maintain and enhance professional competence
    • Work in a disciplined and ethical manner
    • Uphold social diversity at the workplace
    • Deal with workplace hazards
    • Apply fire safety practices
    • Follow emergencies, rescue and first-aid procedures
    • Effective waste management/recycling practices
    • Understanding the Drone related issues faced by the customer
    • Performing repair and maintenance of the Drone
    • Commissioning the Drone
    • Reporting to superior


    Field Technician:


    Also called ‘Service Technician’, the Field Technician provides after sale support services to customers, typically, at their premises.


    Brief Job Description:


    The individual at work is responsible for attending to customer complaints, installing newly purchased products, troubleshooting system problems and, configuring peripherals such as printers, scanners and network devices.


    Personal Attributes:


    The job requires the individual to have: ability to build interpersonal relationships and critical thinking. The individual must be willing to travel to client premises in order to attend to calls at different locations.


    • Engage with customers for IT hardware service
    • Install, configure and setup hardware system
    • Troubleshoot and replace faulty module
    • Coordinate with colleagues



    • This OS unit is about interacting with and understanding the customers’ requirements
    • This OS unit is about installing the system, configuring the and setting up to make it ready to work on
    • This OS unit is about diagnosing the problem and troubleshooting problems in the hardware
    • This OS unit is about communicating with colleagues and seniors in order to achieve smooth work flow



    The scope covers the following:

    • Interact with the customer prior to visit
    • Understand customer’s requirements on visit or prior to visit
    • Suggest possible solutions
    • Complete the documentation
    • Achieve productivity and quality as per company’s norms
    • Understand the installation requirement and install the hardware
    • Configure and install the peripherals
    • Check system functionality
    • Set up the software
    • Complete the installation task and report
    • Interact with customer
    • Interact with superior
    • Achieve productivity and quality as per company’s norms
    • Receive and understand the customer complaint registered at customer care
    • Identify system problems on firld visit
    • Replace faulty module after diagnosis
    • Interact with customer
    • Report to Superior
    • Interact with supervisor or superior
    • Coordinate with colleagues

    Solar Panel Installation Technician:


    Also known as ‘Panel Installer’, the Solar Panel Installation Technician is responsible for installing solar panels at the customers’ premises.


    Brief Job Description:


    The individual at work checks the installation site, understands the layout requirement as per design, assesses precautionary measures to be taken, installs the solar panel as per customer’s requirement and ensures effective functioning of the system post installation.


    Personal Attributes:


    The individual must have: ability to work in standing position for long hours, good physical strength to handle solar panels and willingness to work in outdoor settings at varied locations such as roof tops, fields, urban or rural.



    • Check Site conditions and collect tools and raw materials for solar panel installation
    • Install the solar panel
    • Coordinate with members at work
    • Ensure safety at workplace



    • This OS unit is about assessing conditions at site where the solar panels would be installed, understanding the customer requirement in installation and arranging for tools and raw materials required for solar panel installation
    • This OS unit is about mounting and installing the solar panel in the customer premises. It also includes connecting the solar panels with the inverters and ensuring the functioning of solar power system.
    • This OS unit is about communicating with the co workers during work to achieve the desired output in the workflow.
    • This OS unit is about maintaining safety in the workplace and avoid any work related hazards.



    The scope covers the following:


    • Understand the work requirement
    • Check out and assess the site condition
    • Understand the installation requirement
    • Collect materials required for installation
    • Ensure quality material usage and appropriate handling mechanism
    • Understand the installation and material usage procedure
    • Assess mounting requirements
    • Install the solar panel
    • Connect the system and check for functioning
    • Report and document completion of work
    • Follow quality and safety procedures
    • Interact with supervisor or superior
    • Coordinate with colleagues
    • Follow standard safety procedures while handling an equipment
    • Participate in company’s safety drills and workshops
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