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Pinki Ma'am Receives Jharkhand Excellence Award on Behalf of Venture Skill India



In a momentous occasion that underscores the dedication and excellence of Venture Skill India, Pinki Ma'am, a distinguished member of the organization, received the prestigious Jharkhand Excellence Award on behalf of the institution. The award ceremony, attended by prominent dignitaries and leaders, celebrated the exceptional contributions of Venture Skill India to the field of skill development.

Pinki Ma'am, representing Venture Skill India, was honored for the organization's relentless commitment to empowering individuals with essential skills and fostering innovation in the realm of education and vocational training. The Jharkhand Excellence Award serves as a recognition of the significant impact that Venture Skill India has made in bridging the skills gap and shaping a skilled workforce for Jharkhand and beyond.

Venture Skill India's Remarkable Journey:  
Venture Skill India, under Pinki Ma'am's leadership and the collective efforts of its dedicated team, has been instrumental in equipping individuals with the skills needed to thrive in today's competitive job market. The organization's innovative programs and forward-thinking approach have set new benchmarks in skill development.

Acknowledging Excellence:
The Jharkhand Excellence Award is a testament to the tireless dedication and unwavering commitment of Venture Skill India in its mission to empower individuals, enhance employability, and contribute to the socio-economic development of Jharkhand.

Pinki Ma'am's Perspective:  
Upon receiving the award, Pinki Ma'am expressed her gratitude to the Jharkhand Excellence Award committee for recognizing Venture Skill India's contributions. She reiterated the organization's commitment to continually evolving its programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the job market and to empower individuals with relevant skills.

Support from Distinguished Guests:
The award ceremony was graced by the presence of notable guests, including government officials, business leaders, and members of the academic community. They all praised Venture Skill India's relentless pursuit of excellence in skill development and applauded Pinki Ma'am's leadership in this endeavor.

A Bright Future Ahead:
The recognition through the Jharkhand Excellence Award serves as a source of inspiration for Venture Skill India to continue its journey of excellence in skill development, innovation, and creating opportunities for the youth of Jharkhand and the nation.