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About Us

About Venture Skill India

Venture Skill India has one of the largest centre networks in national as well as International market with different names but specifically under the Authorization of Autodesk Singapore .Autodesk is the biggest Designing University and the creator of the word CAD (Computer Added Designing) with the Government affiliation of AICTE.(All India Council For Technical University).

The ever-growing advances in the field of CAD, Fashion Design, Animation ,Interior Designing, Mass Communication and Multimedia has opened up new vistas for the youth. It has created a huge scope for jobs of TV and multimedia professionals.

In VENTURE SKILL INDIA students are trained in shortest span of time by expert and experienced faculty. During the course duration, stress is not given only on theoretical training but also on practical, so that students become able to stand high on the competitive showbiz.

To ensure this we have staff who matter in this trade. Not only this, we invite leading personalities from the relevant fields to give lectures or skills of the trade, time to time. VENTURE Skill India has been established to prepare future Cad Professionals, Interior Designers, Fashion Designers, Pattern Makers, Journalists, TV Anchors, News Readers, Animators, Graphic/Web Designers and Ad Makers.

Since the inception, Venture Skill India has brought about innovations in the curriculum and kept itself updated and in partner with the latest advances in the Designing field. After completion of the courses every student walks with abundance of skill and Confidence to start a respectful career.

Venture Skill India, a leading organization focused on skill development and education. Partnered with JSDM and ASDC, we bring industry-relevant training programs. With 23+ years of experience in education, we've been part of various government projects nationwide, empowering individuals for a successful future. Join us and unlock endless opportunities for a brighter India.

Our Mission and Vision

We believe that higher education is power for good and makes a significant economic, intellectual and cultural contribution to the world. We believe that choosing to take up a higher education course requires courage, commitment and hard work. We aim to acknowledge this by providing a teaching and learning experience for all our students. The school aims at providing true and comprehensive knowledge about different fields of media.

The mission is to provide an advance academic program, with outstanding career opportunities. The institute has transparent system of evaluation that will not just evaluate the student's performance but also the growth in other areas of interest.

    To promote understanding of media technologies, shaping and redefining media practice.

    To familiarize and equip students with a wide range of communication skills required for new program


    To interest with top media professional and experts from various fields to widen student's vision, right

    guidance knowledge

    To provide opportunities to participate in live program production of various channels in India and abroad.

    To foster integrity, tolerance and human value, to promote equality of opportunity, to protect and enhance

    the physical and social environment for student and staff.

    To foster a cosmopolitan community of scholars and students in which both staff and students are

    encouraged and enabled to fulfill their potential and develop in skill and understanding.

    To make a major contribution to local, regional, national and international communities through working in

    media and bringing about change in the society.

Our Board Members



I'm Rajeev Kumar Singh, the Director of Venture Skill India Pvt Ltd. With 23 years in the skill development field, my journey began from scratch. I'm passionate about empowering individuals through skills and knowledge. I've designed innovative training modules, bridged the gap between education and employability, and made Venture Skill India a beacon of hope. 

I'm dedicated not only professionally but also to making a positive community impact. I believe in building a prosperous society through skill and empowerment. Join me on this transformative journey at Venture Skill India.


Rajeev Kumar Singh
Director, Venture Skill India Pvt Ltd

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Rajeev Kumar Singh


Our Best Teaches

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Nausad Ahmed

Electrical and Electronics - HOD

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Amzad Khan

Fashion Design - HOD

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Avinash Rathod

IT - Professor

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